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  • What is your fee?
    We will discuss and agree on a fee at the beginning of our work together. Please feel free to contact me to discuss this further.
  • Do you work with children?
    No. I only work with individuals over the age of 18.
  • How long will therapy take?
    My experience is that therapy is most beneficial on a longer-term basis. Therefore, I usually work with clients for at least six months. I work on an open-ended basis, which means that you can stay in therapy for as long as you would like. The question of when to end therapy is specific to each individual's experience. As your therapy proceeds, we will regularly review how things are progressing and where our work together is headed. When you feel like the time is right to end, we will discuss this and work towards an ending that feels supportive and constructive.
  • What type of psychotherapy do you offer?
    I have completed a four-year training at the Bowlby Centre in attachment-based psychoanalytic psychotherapy. While this modality is at the centre of my work, I integrate attachment theory alongside a range of other approaches including body and somatic therapies, trauma-based approaches and mindfulness. You can read more about my approach here.
  • What next?
    If you are interested in beginning therapy then please do get in touch. I offer an initial short telephone consultation, free of charge.
  • What happens in therapy?
    Therapy offers the chance to explore your thoughts, feelings and experiences within the context of a safe and confidential relationship. You may come with a specific problem in mind or you may come hoping for a more open-ended space for reflection. I will work collaboratively with you to identify your goals for therapy and to find a way of working that is suitable for you. Please click on the following links to read more about therapy and about my approach.
  • Do you work with couples or families?
    No. I currently only offer individual one-to-one therapy.
  • Is your practice accessible?
    My office is on the first floor, without lift access. Therefore, unfortunately, it is not accessible to wheelchair users or those who have difficulties with stairs. If accessibility is an issue, I offer online sessions via Zoom.
  • How long do sessions last and how often do they happen?
    Sessions last for 50 minutes. I usually see clients once or twice weekly, but sometimes more frequent sessions are appropriate. We will discuss and agree on how often you will come to therapy at the beginning of our work together.
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